Castlebrook Condo Share house.

Testimony from other renters:

I stayed at Lancelot Drive for four and a halve months and I have had a great time there. The room was a good size, with a nice desk and the bed was comfortable. It was very convenient for me to live there, as I had my own parking space, so I could go out and about whenever I liked, and I almost always had the place to myself. Marlys usually came to stay over 2-3 nights a week, but with our different schedules some weeks we didnít see each other at all. She was very kind and welcoming when I arrived and dropped off me at the airport when I was going home. She is a caring and nice person, so it was easy to share a house with her.

Everything is completely furnished. Towels, dishes-
Cable, utilities, wireless internet.
No contract or lease.
No smoking-No pets
Single female only to share apartment.

Rental Room with large window facing Mountain. Large double mirrored closest.  To the right large shared bath with plenty of drawer space.

Call 801 785-7210 or cell 801 856-7686

Link to Castlebook website

More pictures  there also rules and regulations.